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ManuVision - behandling og kropsterapi


ManuVision body treatment and ManuVision training

I also welcome English speaking clients for both body therapy and training.


I am an examined ManuVision body therapist and trainer and in addition have 300 lessons anatomy, physiology and pathology – followed by written exams under the supervision of doctor Ole Købke.


In addition to my education as ManuVision body therapist and trainer I have an MA in English and have many years’ experience of working with and teaching many different nationalities.


ManuVision is a unique and holistic treatment system that has been developed in Denmark. This treatment modality is driven from a distinct pulsation technique; incorporating among other muscle massage, acupressure, stimulation of the lymphatic system, attention to stomach and emotional tensions, while focusing on your breathing to open-up and loosen the body.


It is a holistic treatment that is tailored to your unique needs, encouraging stress release and increasing your body’s energy flow.


I also offer ManuVision training in English – both individual or a group – please contact me for an offer. It could e.g. be at ManuVision huset on Frederiksberg.


Are you interested in either body therapy or ManuVision training, do you have questions or want some more information – please don’t hesitate to give me a call on +45 24 76 85 92 or write to


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En lille historie

Under en periode med meget stress, fik jeg anbefalet ManuVision-behandlinger hos Vibeke. Jeg oplevede ret hurtigt, at min krop virkede mindre stresset, ligesom spændinger blev reduceret og min søvnmangel aftog.

Fokuseringen på vejrtrækning, som indgår i behandlingen, har jeg efterfølgende haft stor glæde af i andre henseender.

Behandlingerne foregår under behagelige forhold samt i dejlige rammer. Vibeke er en kompetent og tillidsvækkende behandler, som jeg på det varmeste kan anbefale.


Solveig Bruun

Vibeke Buchardt Andersen

ManuVision huset

Bernhard Bangs Allé 25, 2. sal

2000 Frederiksberg

24 76 85 92